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CaringFamily Adds to Expert Research Team to Expand Research Initiatives

Joseph Gaugler, leading gerontology reseracher, to collaborate on elder care studies

Boulder, CO - December 9, 2006 - CaringFamily today announced that Joseph Gaugler, PhD, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing and Center on Aging at the University of Minnesota, and a thought leader in family impacts on elder care, has joined CaringFamily's in-house scientific research in efforts to adapt CaringFamily's Magic Mailbox service to facility-based progams for Family Involved Caregiving. Bringing Dr. Gaugler, and shortly, other leading academic experts into the CaringFamily research fold, is a crucial part of the company's drive to expand the company's portfolio of research awards - a list that already includes grants from the National Institute on Aging and the US Department of Education.

New directions in senior care research

A pioneer in the field of family caregiving and gerontological health, Dr. Gaugler's body of research examines the sources and effectiveness of long-term care for chronically disabled older adults. With his involvement, CaringFamily plans to expand its research scope beyond family-senior interactions to include professional staff in long term care facilities. This focus aligns with Dr Gaugler's prior work in the role of family in institutional elder caregiving - and exploits the unique opportunities CaringFamily's system provides for forging and supporting ties between remote family and professional care providers for the benefit of aging adults. Gaugler's participation in CaringFamily research is a first important step in the company's broader expansion of such efforts, in concert with leading gerontology experts around the US. » Read More