CaringFamily names John Seely Brown, world-renowned technology thought leader, to its Scientific Advisory Board

Latest Board expansion to enhance online eldercare service's simplicity of design

Louisville, CO
July 8, 2005

CaringFamily LLC, provider of the first online eldercare service, today appointed a thought leader in technology innovation to its expanding Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist at Xerox Corporation, joins CaringFamily's existing group of experts to help direct research and product development for the company's breakthrough offering.

John Seely Brown: Managing 'Radical Innovation'

John Seely Brown, the self-professed "Chief of Confusion," is a world-renowned expert in digital culture and rich media, ubiquitous computing, web service architectures and organizational and individual learning. After a distinguished career at Xerox, where he served as Chief Scientist and earlier as the director of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Dr. Brown is currently a visiting scholar at the Annenberg Center at the University of Southern California. Among many publications, in 2000 Dr. Bown co-authored the acclaimed book, The Social Life of Information, which has been translated into 9 languages. He serves on the boards of directors for Corning, Varian Medical Systems, and Polycom, as well as several startups.

"I'm excited to contribute my insights to the future of CaringFamily," Dr. Brown commented. "It's a pleasure to encounter a social technology that not only crosses the digital divide but also helps to bring calmness to caring families."

Dr. Brown's role on CaringFamily's SAB, in concert with the other members of the Board, will be to influence and direct the development of the company's service, and to design and supervise future research initiatives like those for which CaringFamily received grants from the US Department of Education and the National Institute on Aging.

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CaringFamily provides the first service that brings the therapeutic benefits of family communications to elder care. The service enables assisted living and other care professionals to encourage active dialog between seniors in their care and their families, regardless of location-every day, with virtually no additional effort. Scientific studies point to dramatic therapeutic outcomes from such communications, including enhanced physical and mental health and, ultimately, longer life spans—as well as substantial profitability gains for the senior care companies that provide it. Located in Louisville, CO, CaringFamily is privately held. More information is available at

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