CaringFamily's Connections service is based on a simple, research-supported concept: when elders stay in close touch with remote family and other loved ones, their health and longevity improves. This has profound implications not only for elders, but also for the assisted living and other senior care firms who care for them, as well as the families that love them.

Happy Birthday
Sample Card from Resident

CaringFamily Connections Service has functionality for both facilities and families.

Facility Family and Friends
  • Mailbox with printer and one-button scanner
  • Each resident gets a binder with
    • family directory
    • messages they have sent and received
  • Card Display
    • colorful cards free for resident use
    • cards for holidays and special events
  • Digital camera and photo printer
    • creates photos instantly that can be used with cards
    • share facility events with family members
  • Custom web site for facility staff
    • family directories with e-mail links
    • order cards and supplies
    • tools to track system activity
  • Become closer to your residents and their families
  • Send e-mails with photos to the resident
  • Only registered members can send messages (no spam)
  • Secure, private web site for each family
    • send messages with your own photos
    • thousands of e-cards ready to send
    • schedule weekly e-cards with personalization
    • view family directory
    • add new members
    • search and view message archive
  • Weekly e-mail newsletter with new messages